About Us

Franklin Presbyterian Church is a vibrant community of brothers and sisters in Christ who are bound together by our core values and our love and support for one another. A high proportion of the congregation regularly participates in worship services, Sunday School, and other programs that aim to foster spiritual growth. The music ministry is a source of inspiration within our community, and we strive for innovative Christian service programs that nurture people in need.
We often partner with other service-oriented groups as we seek to love our neighbors as ourselves, like Jesus taught us to do. Our core values, sense of community, and focus on service comes together to create an atmosphere of hospitality and love…and we hope you will join us in worship, study, and service!

Who We Are, What We Value, What We Do

Franklin Presbyterian Church is a Christian faith family whose beliefs, values, and actions are guided by the gospel of Jesus Christ. That gospel calls us to love God, love our neighbors, embrace mercy and forgiveness, work as peacemakers, and care for God’s creation. 

We respond to the call of the gospel by working through faith to transform the world, our community, and individual lives (including our own) by Seeking God and Serving ALL People.

  1. We welcome all people (including skeptics) and treat everyone with love, respect, kindness and tolerance. 


  1. We are a Matthew 25 church. (What does that mean? – See below.*) We are actively engaged in our local community as we impact the world around us, as our faith comes alive and we wake up to new possibilities for serving God, neighbors, and creation, including working for social and racial justice.


  1. We are dedicated to making our local area a great place for all residents to live. We listen deeply to the diverse voices in our community, partnering with churches and other local organizations to serve the community—particularly people in need—and by using our talents and facilities as assets for improving the world, our community, and individual lives.


* In Matthew 25, Jesus says that what we do for the least of these, we do as to Christ himself. As a Matthew 25 church, our goal is to live up to that command of Jesus as a congregation, creatively engaging our community in bold and meaningful ways. We utilize resources from the Presbyterian Church (USA) Matthew 25 invitation as part of our continuing education, service, and commitment.


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